Terms of Use

Terms of Use of Logo Gen Tool tells you about Terms and Conditions for Logo Gen Tool and what the things that you must take care of are. Therefore it is necessary that you read all the terms and conditions or terms of use of Logo Gen Tool website before you start using this site.

Moreover from now on Logo Gen Tool will be referred as ‘this site’, ‘our site’, ‘we’, ‘us’. On other hand reader or visitor or user of this site is going to be referred in following manner ‘you’ and ‘your’.

This Agreement of Terms of Use clearly states facts about services related to content and images and similar things on this site. We advise you to read this page before you use content from our site.


At this site we offer services which lead individuals to make and / or design logos or business logos. We also do not deal with any other services on this site.

No registration fee

There is no registration fee and so you do not have to pay any amount to us for using online logo maker tool. You directly come to our site, select template and create logos.

Change or cancellation of services

Logo Gen Tool also reserves right to cancel or change services from time to time while these changes will be with immediate effect. User is also requested to keep visiting this page to have updated information on usage of this site.

In case user continues to use services of this site it would mean that you accept to changes made on this site apart from this agreement.

For further clarification or feedback you can reach us at - admin@logogentool.com.